Made in collaboration with @Namasonao

Silly Ninja! You fell off the great tower! Better get up there quickly.

Luckily you have so secret ninja movement techniques:

Double Jump and Dash

Instructions in-game

Made for the Pizza Jam

The goal of this project was creating a plattformer that gave you the most freedom in movement.


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117 seconds... How did I do?

The controls are pretty nice, and just like what the description says it feels very free. I just think the graphics could be a bit nicer. Other than that, it was cool! :D

Thanks! Any% (no coins) is possible in 50 s, 100% (all coins) is possible in 90 s. Great that our core gameplay concept worked out.  Yes our focus really weren't the graphics. Thanks for the feedback and see you around :)

I can see. The free movement, ninja parkour really felt nice. I think you would be able to make an amazing game if this concept was expanded further.  Great job!